Foundation Training

Specializing in colt starting, problem solving , and foundation training for trail and show horses

 Ground work for yearlings-adult horses,
                                                   Starting & re-starting horses of any breed & discipline


About our colt starting & foundation training
first establish trust, respect, & understanding on the ground, while providing the horse with cues that will translate to cues we will use under saddle.
 We start horses in a snaffle bit 90% of the time, there are horses that need to be started in a rope halter or bosal, so we use what we know will work for each individual horse. Once we're in the saddle we work on gaining forward movement, transitional control
, directional control,
working on softness/lightness in the jaw, poll, neck, shoulders, rib cage, and hindquarters.
The first 3 months of training for the complete un-broke we do not only work on arena work but we also spend a lot of time out on the trails,
this allows the horse to get many fun, relaxing miles under saddle, while also creating forward movement which will allow the horse to excel faster with arena work.

Having a solid foundation on the ground and under saddle is important to develop that solid partner, trail, or show horse.
For barrel horses or other show horses, we will not introduce the horse to any specific discipline until the horse has a solid foundation and knows all the basics listed above.
We want all horses to have the chance to get the best education they can get and we want to teach the owners to understand.
so we offer lessons each month with you and your horse and encourage you to take as many lessons with your horse while your horse is here and also once he goes home,
so we offer one lesson each month in the price of training and also offer discounted lessons for you while your horse is in training.

Alicia riding Jade Bridle-less Aug 2013 - Started Jade under saddle July 2012 - Great little mare , now showing English pleasure and Western Pleasure at the local 4-H shows

Trailer loading: We offer trailer loading training; we will get your horse loading and unloading nicely, You will be able to load and unload your own horse before the session is over, then all you have to do is practice with him and he'll be ready to go next time you hook up the trailer. For the horses who have had bad experiences with loading or trailering we also offer weekly or monthly training, prices below. We will focus on giving your horse only good experiences around the trailer until we can safely load, unload, and have him ready to haul home or to the shows.

Starting a foundation/Kindergarten for your foals/yearlings: Working with young foals and yearling to teach respect on the ground: Haltering, leading, standing, tying, backing, holding up hooves. We can teach your horse the necessities, things you will need for grooming, farrier, & vet. We can also do further ground work to prepare your foal/yearling for what comes next, riding or driving. Introduction to the bit, allowing him to accept the bit & teaching him to be soft in your hands  (flexing vertically, moving laterally, backing, etc) introduction to the saddle, blankets, tarps, obstacles, to name a few.
Ponying him on trail rides can be arranged to get him used to the trails. We also can work on line driving with young horses that will later be pulling carts or plowing. Putting a good solid foundation on your foal in the beginning will make your foal pleasant to be around and easy to work with when you're ready to start him when he's of age. The yearlings will also work on ground exercises that will prepare them for understanding the bit pressure and rein pressure, as well as moving off of pressure, on the ground, so they will be more prepared and understanding when the time comes to start them under saddle.

Please ask about our discounts for returning clients, we value you all and your friendship :)

 Colt Starting minimum 2 months of training $750 per month 

($30 per training session x 20 and $150 board per month)

Colt starting 3 months $2100  - save $150

Monthly Training $750

Weekly training $200
($50/week board and $30 per training session)

Kindergartner training
- starting a foundation on the ground, for yearlings. (or ground work for any age horse)

$175/week ($25 per training session x5 sessions and $50/week board)

-While your horse is in training on our farm you are welcome out here to visit your horse or audit our training sessions.
-We recommend a solid 3 months for starting a horse under saddle to get a solid foundation, so we are happy to offer our 3 month foundation training at $2100 for all 3 months

Training includes: Board; Pasture, Hay, salt/mineral block, shelter, & water  Training; 5 training session/week and 1 lesson per month, option of 

4 training session per week and 1 lesson per week for those wanting to be

More involved with their horses training)

Grain is NOT provided , but I'd be more than happy to feed if you provide 

We also have other programs available to fit you and your horses needs, please call or email for more information and to discuss pricing.  (c)(919-368-3947) or email  (