A good trainer is easy to find but one worth millions in what they can accomplish is much more difficult. I was lucky and found a rare one.Alicia Postreich made a huge difference for both Demo and I and every penny was worth it. That hit home once again tonight when my horse side passed up to my tack trunk on command and let me vault onto his back, ride him in a halter & lead, then slide off his rump to dismount. For an experienced horse that is no big deal (although side passing up to an object on command is an amazingly useful thing I have never seen before) but for a horse who was unbroke and scared of his own shadow less than 3 months ago and has only been ridden for about 2, this is huge! I do believe I have found my forever horse!

Dana - lynchburg, va - November 2014

Just picked up Sadie from Chiefla Stables Horse Training where she had an amazing 60 days of foundation training with Alicia Postreich. We highly recommend Chiefla Stables Horse Training for their expertise and care. Sadie will be continuing with more training in reining/performance in the coming months. Thanks Alicia, great work.
                                                                                                                Jeanne Davis- Dry Creek Farm Appaloosas - Farmville, VA - February 2013

Chiefla Stables (Alicia) has trained 2 of my horses; one was a 3 year old that I had started his ground training and I needed him finished in saddle. The other was a 11 year old that was supposedly saddle broke to ride at the age of 2 and
we had not ridden her when we bought her due to her being in foal supposedly. Both horses have turned out to be wonderful mounts and the youngest and I are still learning. Would recommend Alicia to anyone that needs a horse restarted, started or whatever you desire. She is excellent. Allison Biederstaedt Axton, VA -August 2012


It was so wonderful to meet you yesterday!  I am definitely looking forward to working together!! 
My instinct is telling me that something is missing for him.  I am super confident that you can help me fill in any gaps! 
I have been searching for the right trainer for several years now.  I have tried several, but all seem to be just riding instructors with average expectations (even the ones that claim to be natural horsemanship trainers!?) and don't have even close to the same knowledge level as you! I am truly inspired by you. I feel like I have exhausted my current knowledge base and don't yet know what the next steps are.  I have done well up to this point but I want more!  I crave the relationship I saw that you have with your horses (could you see me drooling yesterday??? :-)). I am hungry for knowledge and I hope some of yours will rub off on me. 
Thanks a bunch! Jennifer - Appomattox, VA - June 2012

Alicia has worked our MFT Mercedes and even with only a month, he is EXCEPTIONALY well behaved and responsive. She is currently working our x-stud Red, who is hard headed and opinionated. He is showing remarkable response and will be put to harness training soon. Alicia will be receiving our MFT Davidson next week. This little girl does a REMARKABLE JOB and I RECCOMEND her to anyone needing a horse started or refreshed.

 Grace Seymour- Crewe, Virginia January 2012 

 Chiefla Stables is currently training the 3rd horse for me and will also get the other 3. 
Very pleased with the time and effort Alicia puts into her training and highly recommend her.
Marilyn Sanford of Glenmar Farms
- Crewe, VA June 2011