All breed, all discipline..
Lessons, Clinics, & Apprenticeships
Are you looking to solve some behavioral issues on the ground or in the saddle, looking to improve your riding skills, or learn to better communicate with your horse? Are you looking to go to the next level with your trail or show horse? Want to have a solid foundation with your horse on the ground and in the saddle? 
We ride the horse we lead. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have a horrible time with my horse every time I pull him out, I want to enjoy my horse!
So it starts with trust and learning to communicate with your horse, then we can build upon that, so we can have a beautiful relationship and build a solid foundation - so we can enjoy every moment we spend with our horse and know he too will enjoy us!

So if you're looking to move forward with your horse, whether you're a beginner rider, trail rider, or show rider then we have something for you.

All ages of horse and rider, all disciplines, and any breed of horse welcome.

 Learn Training skills that will help you better understand horses & get a trusting, willing, & responsive partner for life!

Our lessons are focused on correct rider balance, posture, and correct use of hands, seat, and legs as well as learning horsemanship skills on the ground and under saddle, with a black and white communication through you to your horse. Lessons available on your horse

Private on farm lesson - $40 per hour

Contact to discuss off farm lessons.

We are going to start offering a training course with you and your horse , our 3 month long training course we hope to have started in this up coming year, we will meet 2 full days a month for 3 months, each session will be a continuation of the last session, this course is set up so you can go home after each session, practice during the week so you will be prepared to go further with yours and your horses' training in the next session, dates and prices to come. training course is limited to 5 riders