Chiefla Stables Owner/Trainer- Alicia Postreich McClelland


My passion for horses grows each and every day, I decided in 2009 that I wanted to spend my entire life working with and around horses, I chose Legacy Horse Training (now known as Legacy Mustang Preservation) to further my knowledge, I brought 2 horses through Jamie Dodsons certification class in 2009 , and finished another 6 months with Jamie in 2010 until 2011 , She opened up a new world to me, and a new understanding of horses. Always wanting to know and learn more, I went through a 3 week apprenticeship with Kenny Harlow, that was just enough to convince me I just had to go through Kennys entire year long certification program to learn more, so July 2012 I started that chapter of my life, with 2 new unbrokes, and I must say, it was an experience of a life time and it was so very rewarding, we put in 5 days a week training our horses for an entire year, what I learned at Kennys as well as what I've learned from Jamie and continue to learn from other great trainers, I plan to share with everyone and every horse I come in contact with, I want to share the knowledge they've given me, it's a true gift to know how to communicate with a horse in a whole new way. I find myself learning something new every time I pull a horse out of the pasture, this isn't just a job or a career for me, this is a passion.

As I was taught, and I truly believe --You should study and train under as many great trainers as you can, because you should never stop learning and improving your techniques not only for yourself, but for the people and horses we train.





Alicia Postreich McClelland

Certified & Finished  Legacy Apprenticeship Program 2009, through Jamie Dodson of Legacy Horse Training
March 2009-September 2009

Completed Legacy Certification Program in 2011

Certified & completed 
Kenny Harlow's Training with Trust
3 week Apprenticeship- August 8th-26th 2011
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Certified  Kenny Harlow Trainer
9 week Certification Class - Started July 2012
Graduated with a 90 in June 2013

Studied under Tammy Parker-Show Training Western & English pleasure  2013

Winner of 2014 and also the winner of  2015  SEFHA Colt Starting Competition

About Chiefla Stables Horse Training

Our goal is to get a solid foundation with our horses.

We not only want our horses to be able to responding physically, but also mentally, so we work with the horse, not against him.

As well as training the human, owner, and rider to use these techniques, so you can learn to be light as possible , but firm when necessary to keep their horses willing and responsive.

Alicia has trained under several horsemanship trainers as well as studied Warwick Schiller, Stacy Westfall, John Lyons,  and Clinton Andersons' techniques, taking what she's learned from each trainer and made a program that fits her. Alicia continues to study under other great horse trainers, because there is always more to learn, and new, better ways to achieve her goals of horse training.

We work with each individual horse and/or owner/rider to help them break down and understand what is being taught, we are the teachers and we want to make sure our students (human or horse) understand what we are asking, not through force, but through willing co-operation, trust, respect, and understanding.

We are a family friendly environment, and we would love to have you out. Come join us on this journey, we offer lessons, clinics, and apprenticeships.